Anyone noticing new risk tolerance limits in their software?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by tm689, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. tm689


    Seems some traders are noticing increasing risk tolerance limits for entering trades as wells increased regulatory oversight. In my experience these have pointed to firms preparing to shop themselves for a sale.
  2. Robert Morse

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    What Broker?
  3. tm689


    I would rather not name specific brokers but I have gone through a few of these turnovers. It is somewhat similar to what investment bankers call "cleaning up the balance sheet" before they start the selling efforts, but in these cases it involves making the business seem less risky than it is.
  4. "What Broker?"

    Apparently there have been some folks getting PM removed from index options. Only repeating
    hearsay. The talk is mostly IB and Schwab so far, but it's just hearsay.
  5. Who would buy IB, it would be a very expensive purchase, no?
  6. Handle123


    Maybe parts? I always wonder about IB, don't know in relationship of other brokers as far as large, but every brokerage have areas they wish they could get others to buy it, wasn't there something they tried and lost 10 million on?

    @Robert Morse

    I imagine all brokers gone through hard times when clients take undue risk trades and have to file bankruptcy. Are amounts posted for general public or do all brokers keep these amounts to themselves, I use to know, but isn't there somewhat across the board pretty close percentages overall of this happening?

    How fast is Lightspeed Trading software as far as monitoring clients risk, I remember like some brokers in early 2000's took hits when it was twice a day during day sessions, then each hour...Thank you for always answering traders posts, excellent of you to keep us informed.
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    We monitor in real time Reg-T, PMA and Futures.