anyone notice the weather

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  1. I'll just put this out there.

    I happened to watch the weather on tv last Sat. They forecast rain for 5 days - all rain. We cancelled a cook out for Sun. Sun turned out cloudy all day, rained Sun night for a few hours. Monday by 10 am the sun was out an it didn't rain all week.

    No biggie.

    My point is looking again at weather .com, they post their little sun with lightning bolts and t - storms, below in fine print it says chance of rain 10%. WTF?

    I swear the weather is reported as if it was written by a tort lawyer, covering all bases, so no one gets sued by inaccurate reporting.

    I guess my point is, more often than not they forecast cloudy and rain and fewer sunny and clears - just in case. I understand weather is weather but it seems "chance of rain" is the leading forecast.

    Same with snow, scare the crapola out of people to keep them inside. Weather this winter? Boo! Seems to play right into the nation of weenies. Stay inside, wear your helmet, take your vitamins, your mother is everywhere.
  2. Seems like my local weather forecasts are way off this year. Temperatures miss by as much as 10 degrees. Huge storms on slight chance of rain calls.
  3. Well said nutmeg.

    If I went by yahoo weather, you would think I live in a rainforest.

    Five days out of every week there are those clouds/lightning bolt pictures, and I think we've had rain maybe 4 days in the last 6 weeks.

    It's very hard to plan anything anymore b/c every other day is a "possible thunderstorm".
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    Predicting the weather is about like predicting the stock market.
  5. And the "meteorologists" are almost as sleazy as some of the charlatans parading around this board with their "trading systems".
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    Isn't that the truth.
  7. Other than weather forecasters, politicians are the only people that can be so wrong, so often, and still keep their jobs.
    Their 7 day forecasts are laughable. How's about getting it right for the next 24 hours.
  8. The worst one of all is the weather channel.
    They make sure forecast is gloomy all the time

    I started using Weather Bug about a year ago and it has done a good job.
    The forecast is decent, I can go by it and make plans.
    Emergency alerts are sent to phone of approaching storms.
    Good app.
  9. Reminds me of that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where the weatherman would always give a forecast for showers during his day off at the golf course.

    I've also long heard rumors about a certain weatherman and his penchant for trading the commodity markets. I think you get the jist of what angle he might have been playing...of course, this was many, many years ago when something like that may have had a chance of working.
  10. The 10 day on is even better. What a joke.

    I come from a family of pilots, so basic weather knowledge is there, but i would have no idea how to predict anything.

    I also run the family vineyard (yes, we grow grapes in Cheeseland) so I have to pay attention to what is going on. It's like what has been said before. They don't have any clue as to what the fuck is going to happen, so they just throw a forecast out there. The best I can do is watch the radar and the fronts map.

    That being said, I once sent an email to a prominent Twin cities weatherman, asking how they come up with their forecasts. He said they have a dozen computer models running all of the time, and they just go with what they are told, based on the past. (Remind you of anything?) He also said that 11 of them may say tomorrow will be bright and sunny, but the 12th will say there will be a major cumulonimbus shooting it's way up from Nebraska overnight and ruin your day.

    He said sometimes that 12th one is right. It's all based on stats an probabilities. Sometimes you get the outlier.

    But I agree. It's like even the computers have no clue lately.
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