Anyone notice the futures move beofre the release

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Roman Candle, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. They started moving before the release, just some front running by Goldman.
  2. fuck. are u a trader????:confused:
  3. His wife forgot to install parental controls on his Disney PC, so he's free to post.
  4. Roman Candle, either make posts with more substance or keep it all in one thread. If you continue to make new threads of just one line random nonsense, I'm going to have your username deleted and all posts of yours will instantly go into chit chat.

    Your call.
  5. Romeo, just create a journal and post all your random thoughts in there?
  6. Your so powerfull
  7. euclid


    Which one?
  8. Just having some fun lighten up.
  9. RickshawMan, Myminitrading,AaronCopland,RomanCandle. I'm thinking of a new one right now.
  10. Pretty lame example of "fun" :p

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