Anyone notice strange things in UA

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by 1nibbler, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. I think it was every day this week during the doldrums when a huge block of underarmour (like 500,000 shares) crossed the screen. On thursday, my broker tells me theres no UA available to short. Any thoughts on whats going on?
  2. 9/11 PART 2?
  3. My bad, I;m thinkg UAUA.

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  4. well that would be super for our economic prospects don't you think? Somehow, taking out a sportswear company just doesn't sound so scary anymore:D
  5. The market maker algo or whatever in that stock is a fucking dickhead. Definitely a manipulated security.

    And yes I AM POSTING THIS BECAUSE I HAVE NET-NET LOST MONEY ON IT. Doesn't mean you guys can't kill it. Not all securities I lose money on are manipulated; many securities I make money on are totally manipulated. I'm just providing a friendly warning that he's good at making the stock look like the buy of the century and then spreading it down 75 cents.
  6. Oh yes. I agree totally. The price movement in this stock is totally bizarre. Eleven points down because they ran a superbowl ad? Ridiculous. It can be trending nicely, on good volume, and literally fall through the floor in a nanosecond. I understand that kind of volatility when I'm investing in a third world war zone, but Baltimore MD isn't such a scary place...:D
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    When was it 11 points down?

    They were talking about this thing non-stop this week in all of the news outlets. Not just the commercial, but the fact that they are trying to take on Nike with a new sneaker. I was just confused where it traded 11 down.
  8. okay, so now i know i live too much in the moment, or maybe its the Rebel Yell. it was 1/17 to 1/18 that it gapped down so horrifically. :cool:
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    oh, ok. cuz you talked about the super bowl add, so i thought you meant last week.