Anyone notice no one is whining about how govt hates whites after Nashville flood?

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  1. Given, it wasn't as bad as Katrina. But there has been no national uproar, no nothing. Thousands of people displaced, homes destroyed. People were canoeing through downtown Nashville and driving boats down the interstate getting people out of cars etc. No one is whining about how the Obama admin is purposely ignoring it because it's mostly affected white people... Distinctive lack of victim mentality?
  2. Yea, but whose boat is it?:D :D :D
  3. During Katrina the media was showing dead people at the Convention Center. Then the next day and the next day more people are dying. No assistance anywhere in sight. Some college kids saw it on the news and decided to "smuggle in" some relief aid - food, water, etc. They forged some press credentials and said "See, we can get in here to help these people; where is the government?"

    As soon as that hit the wires the Coast Guard started flying over finding people on rooftops.

    Then we find out some Arabian Horse Dude was director of FEMA. He had no capability to run that organization.

    It was incompetence by government at it's worst and it was right here on American soil. Those were Americans dying while out fat, lazy, stupid government did nothing.

    But in Florida when hurricanes hit one after another FEMA was right there. I'm sure it's only a coincidence that the president's brother was governor.

    Apparently Washington did not accept calls from bayou country but there was a direct link with Tallahassee.
  4. And the New Orleans cops shooting unarmed civilians with the subsequent cover ups.

    Other cops abondoned their jobs and left the city.
  5. More radical leftist spin. Let's talk reality. The people that died fall squarely in the laps of the city and state governments. They had plenty of notice and it's their responsibility to get the people evacuated. They failed miserably. Were the Fed's slow too respond? Certainly! What did you expect, it's the federal government. Inept then, inept now. Failure to get the city back on it's feet falls squarely in the lap of the Fed's, but all those that died? The Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of the state are saddled with that.
  6. In a hefty 218-page report, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general writes that the federal government and FEMA received "widespread criticism for a slow and ineffective response to Hurricane Katrina."

    "Much of the criticism is warranted," Inspector General Richard L. Skinner writes.
  7. And your point is? Like I wrote, it's the federal government, so there isn't a soul that should be surprised when they drop the ball. FEMA's inability to respond does not excuse the total failure of the city and state to do their job prior to the storm. A storm they KNEW was coming, and they KNEW it was going to be big. The overwhelming majority of lives lost were the direct result of the failing by local and state officials to do their jobs.

    To get back on topic. Obama is bullet proof. The MSM dertermines the success or failure of public opinion. Obama can do no wrong in their eye's, so his indifference to the Nashville flood is irrelevant.
  8. I was simply refuting your point that the criticism of the Federal govt was some radical left propoganda. By your own logic, just because the state authorities failed, it doesnt excuse the Federal govt. of its responsibilites.
  9. We may be splitting hairs, but my point was that the radical left is quick to point out the failing of the Fed's with regard to Katrina, and quick to dismiss the responsibility of the local and state authorities. That's if they address it at all.
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