Anyone notice how StockTrader 3 Has Gone Exile

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bear Plunger, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Quite funny how on the down days you never hear from this kid. As soon as the market turns, and closes positive - I can assure you guys he'll be back predicting what will happen the next day.
  2. 377OHMS


    Sounds like you need a fix so I'll attempt to pose as a stock_trad3r surrogate:

    "500 thousand 500 schmousand, its already priced in and the market can only go up from here".

    There, feel better?
  3. LOL

    Good point.
  4. You left out the "mental recession". ;)

  5. eagle


    He is very smart. Hiding in the rainy days and show up in sunny days. Wish he hides one day ahead of the rainy day, not hiding on the rainy day itself but just one day before. :confused:
  6. sumosam


    he showed up on the politics board glorifing Bush...i think he works for the ppt

    and no, he is not smart
  7. Whos this:

    "I basically know everything about econ, the markets, trading, data"

    The thing about this kid that really makes me laugh is when he uses the abbreviations.

    Like "I don't need to paper trade, cuz i'm fully VESTED in the market (actually vested is a word)" but you guys know what I mean. When he starts spewing on his mouse...thats when the abbreviations come in.

    I love how that guy from Elite trader actually traced him to a community college. That's hillarious shit.

    I basically know everything about econ and this fake recession. No bad data,
  8. Baron must have cut his per post "stipend" by .25 cents and he is seeking "employment" elsewhere.
  9. joemiami

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    He's a F$*$ing LOSER !! Thank god he is gone!!!

    Something tells me he is lurking around somewhere though.
    He is too much of an attention whore to just go away quietly...
  10. asap


    the guy was serial, as always. :D
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