Anyone not making 200k a year from trading is a piker

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Serious answers please - A successful trader is a piker

  1. if he makes less than 100k a year

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  2. if he makes less than 200k a year

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  3. if he makes less than 300k a year

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  4. if he makes less than 500k a year

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  1. gmst


    Given the intense amount of effort, years of struggle, personal sacrifices, thorough research, software development (if you are a systematic guy) that trading requires, if a successful trader does not make "at least" 200k a year - in my book, he is still a piker.

    Do you agree with this thought or is it too much of a generalization? Btw, I am still a piker. LOL. :D
  2. Does it matter?

    What's next? People posting penis pics to prove their alpha-ness?
  3. gmst


    I think it matters a lot - your perception might be different. I am just trying to get realistic and ask career traders what is their thought on this topic. For sure, people who are pursuing this career full-time give a lot of thought to this question. Same way if one is in a regular job, one would do his career planning, that will include sitting with ones' line manager and HR manager and do a list of goals for next year and in the end one would expect to be financially rewarded for it.

    If one is doing trading from home independently, after putting in 5-6 years of effort and putting on stake another career, if one makes say 50-70k a year, his endeavor would be a failure in my book.
  4. bet you make nothing
  5. gmst


    why bet when I can tell you if you ask politely :)

    I made 6.5k in June and it was a high volla month. You can extrapolate for the year. Have been at this game for 4 years now. Last year was first time breakeven, before that was losing. Have made money 5 months out of 6 this year from Jan to June. Just thought will do a poll asking career guys on their experience and opinion. Why get so negative? :confused:
  6. So your a piker!
  7. gmst


    HAHA unfortunately my friend, it sounds hard but you are correct. LOL! :cool:
  8. Because piker has a negative connotation, and your question is posited negatively with a heavy dose of judgment...
  9. toolazy


    I d say you need to make 3x your career salary. Si if you can earn 200k, your expected pl for the year should be 600k+
  10. newwurldmn


    A piker is someone who is fixated on absolute dollar amounts without context.

    200k might be a lot to a guy with 100k in his trading account; but it's 1 daily standard dev for a guy with 20MM.
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