Anyone making half a million and up a year trading only forex for a living

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  1. Is anyone making real money trading forex for a living seems like alot of poeple dont do to well in the currency market
  2. that will be a small group.
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    To make half a million a year one have to have at least 1 mln account balance.
  4. Or you have to work for a bank that has virtually unlimited lines of credit, or you have to be leveraged.

    Half a million? Assuming 250 trading days a year that's only $2,000 a day. Traders at big banks are expected to make more like $3 million a year
  5. thats on a 10 million line...30%?

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    Depending on seniority, and position, traders at top tier firms are expected to make between 5 times to over 10 time stheir yearly salary plus bonus.
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    My last interbank dealing job was a little more than 5 years ago and my budget then was $2.5 million net of brokerage (don't forget that brokerage) and I would pay nearly $700K a year in brokerage.
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    10 thousand dollars lets you play with Imillion- leveraged
    200,000 account playing 5lot trades entry 20lot max with a 20-30pip average will far exceed your expectations.

    I personal find that trading the forex from 6-9pm and 6-730a.m the slowest but still profitable.

    trading euro/usd chf/usd jpy/usd work well together
    if you miss one move you can catch the other
    two, max three trades at one time keeps your risk management and leverage in check and your expectation of 500thousand yearly is very tangible.

  9. Ok are any of you guys living of forex trading or you just know guys who are making that kind of money what about atleast 100 k a year i do that in trading equity but i was hoping there more potential in the forex market
  10. I am working on it...(and it won't be long now, actually I believe that I will have as much money as Jesse Livermore at times)

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