Anyone making 200k a year from trading is an Elite Trader

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Are you a piker or Elite Trader

  1. I make less than $200k a year and I am a piker

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  2. I make more than $200k a year and I am an Elite Trader

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  1. Blah blah blah. Vote in the poll
  2. rxtrader


    What does losing $200k/year make me? I don't see option.
  3. Someone voted that they are an Elite Trader. The rest of us are pikers.
  4. I am an Elite Trader EliteTraderNYC.
  5. There you have it.
  6. sheda


    "Elite Trader" comes down to the actual skill and win ratio, as opposed to profit, does it not?
  7. Why not 240k? I think that's $1000 per day.
  8. not the number!

    measure 1: capital efficency
    measure 2: speed

    if someone has 1000M, and make 200k a year

    or someone just has 20k, and make 20k a year

    who is the true trader, you can figure it out easily!

    I am not a deep pocket, I do not have 2m in my account. but talk about capital efficency and speed, I beat Warren Buffet and many top hedge fund manager, no brag.
  9. I made 1,2 mil in few years starting with 100,000
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