Anyone made money in May?

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  1. strictly long and day trading.
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  3. wow!
    what was your capital at the beginning of May?
    what did you trade?
  4. I don't think so.
    The attachment is a screen from the Simulation Edition.

    I know hundreds of traders that generate huge profits in simulations.
    In real time the number of successful traders is the above figure, divided by at least 1000.

    Can you show statements that correspond with your ninja report?

    I know: my posting is useless, because every day the same kind of postings appear over and over again. But i never read in newspapers about new highly successful traders, or do they all stay low profile?
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    Yes, I did. I thought May was a great month for trading. As a matter of fact, I had only one slightly losing day and most of the loss was commissions. Not sure why everyone seems to think May was not a good month for trading. BTW, I don't hold anything overnight and most of my trades are less than 30 minutes long. On the other hand, I am only 50/50 for June. (But that's only two days so far).
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  7. Yes I made 3% in Retail Spot Forex and I am a
  8. Such an answer will not give you any credibility, on the contrary, it proves that you cannot prove at all that these trades were done in real time.

    As i already said: statements to prove the ninja report.

    I can create very profitable reports as well, but i don't like to waste my time on these kind of idiocy.
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  10. Your list is the second page from the same SIMULATION.

    You apparently don't have any proof of real trades.
    As i said : statements.

    I'm convinced that you NEVER did all this trades.
    I'm no MORON, i'm too long in the business to believe in fairy tales.
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