anyone made a killing in oil today?

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  1. or was killed?
  2. I got smoked, donated a lot of money to CL today, anyone who killed it should thank me for the donation
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    CL getting wild ;-) I missed the news...what did they say?
  4. Ever hear of EIA inventory report?
  5. Asking someone to peek at an econ calendar each day is WAY too much to ask :D

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    Do not pretend to be smarter :) I've missed report as I said.
  7. I enjoy you on the other side of my trades, keep doin' what you are doin'!
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    Who told You that I'm on the other side??
  9. Let me replay the first minute after the report:

    Some shorts got the number, what? not that bad as I thought, damn, better cover, and price shot up 40 cents in 5 seconds.

    Sideliners got the number, an increase in inventory, it should go down, let's sell, and price tanked 60 cents in 20 seconds.

    More traders took a look at the number, not a disasterous number at all, just a slight increase, forget about it.

    Those heavy shorts didn't get what they wanted: a big drop, their original plan of covering at below $60 was not going to happen, so they started to cover, that started an unstoppable rally, the rest is history.
  10. This was a response to an EIA report for NG some time ago, but it might as well suit this occasion:
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