Anyone Made 100%+ a Year Consistently With Options Or Know Of Anyone Who Has?

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  1. [Question in thread title.]
    What system do they/you use? (Assuming you're willing to spill the beans, heh.) Call or put? Selling or buying? An easy "system" or does it involve much complexity? What would you/they credit your/their returns to? Yes, I'm a noob, obviously.
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    100% of margin used or account balance?
  3. What you seek does not exist! Beware of anyone stating otherwise! (key issue ->"Consistently")
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  4. Just21 - Eh, "either," I guess (I assume that would be only possible with margin). Just as long as you're making 100%+ returns per year, over many years.
  5. Everything exists.

    Mostly ridiculous questions like this exist, but Im sure there are players that have done that and even better.
  6. I have no doubts many made -100% of account with options. I bet a few of the volatility sellers felt quite a bit of pain today with VIX jumping almost 50% in a day.
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    Take a look of today's volatility options, like SPX, SPY, VXX, VIX futures, etc..
    I hope you will have a beginning of an answer.

    Keep in mind that 100% on large accounts constantly or not, is just not advisable. Actually, any monthly or yearly profit goal will not make someone rich.
  8. You make the 100% or whatever it is, a little at a time, not risking the whole thing at once.
    2% a week is 100%. And 2% if you're good , is doable. Not easy , doable.

    Actually trying to find intelligent life on the internet is much harder.
  9. I would worry about, first, your ability (or lack thereof) to predict and manage and trade the underlying o_O
    Because that's what options are all about.

    If you're aiming for will have to be a basic, directional, call and put buyer.
    Weeklies are volatile -- and that's what you want. Longer term options are tamer, or don't move.

    Good luck, and may the farce be with you,
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    Two percent a week compounded is 180% a year, not 100%. Apparently finding intelligent life is even harder on this forum.
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