Anyone looking into the minors?

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  1. Has anybody been looking into investining into the minors? Not base metals but rather rare earth types such as osmium, indium, rhodium, etc. There seems to be more upside than gold due to practicle use and current availibilty.

  2. Miners****
  3. No I am refering to rare earth elements.

    I would like to trade rare earth elements because of the fact China hoarding the stuff and there is room for some upside. I am particularly looking into Osmium and Indium. I would rather hold physical product. I did not see any CME futures contracts for these metals. With China going through their industrial revolution, Chinese consumers will probably want an LCD tv or several. It takes some indium to make a a set. With all the possible television sales in china as it is developing. Demand for the metal will increase.

  4. Unless California bans big screen TVs, then indium demand could decrease:
  5. plan


    what are the more liquid stocks in this field?

    too bad there's no ETF....
  6. Yes, Babysitter is looking after the minors :D
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    ...but are they looking into them? If so, probably time to call the police.
  8. I own CDE, NG and AU (which is a major obviously), bought Drooy monday (up 20% since then, got lucky on that one) and looking to buy Gabriel Resources and GBG on any setbacks in the mining sector.

    Wish me luck.:)
  9. I refering to metals such as ones listed on:

    The entire gruop took a hit as PMG's took a hit this week. There is also alot of good information on the site concerning production and inventory levels for the group. Indium looks to be a good pick as of today.

  10. got some palladium futures, not on the list tough.. bought it at about 300 and ounce, trading at 370 now.

    has been hit really hard by the dollar strenghening the last days
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