Anyone looking at zsl

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by lasner, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. lasner


    I think will correct shortly. Looking into this ETF. What does anyone else think?
  2. crater



    I saw your question on ZSL and it rang a bell. It is a short 2x ETF based on the price of silver. It is paired with AGQ, which is the long 2x version.

    I have had very good luck with AGQ, because of the distrust of our fiat system, and when AGQ is in trouble (like when JPM is shorting it) I switch to ZSL.

    I have made a load of $$$ on these and other precious metals, but be careful. they are both very volatile, and being 2x, they may bite you.

    Good luck in 2011,
  3. lasner


    Cool...Thanks. Yeah I was looking into ZSL it's pretty low and I think silver is in for a correction
  4. Haakon


    I`ve bought some with little money just to get some training, but I`m betting on it ziggzagging downward and I`ll try to take gains in both AGQ and ZSL being very short term.

    I`m also analysing GLD instead og SLV to spot the trend.

    When the correction is over, if it`s going to be a real correction, I`m betting on AGQ booming really high :)
  5. lasner


    I bought ZSL a couple of days ago at $12. I think silver may really start to correct short term. I won't hold it that long
  6. Haakon


    Hi, I actually got out with a 7,6% gain in one day (20.01). I think it`s going to bounce now off support but I`m not going inn on AGQ because I want to make it simple for now (just starting out again with small betts). I have a ZSL buy order on 11,3 (going to adjust it a bit) for the next gain (/drop inn SLV).

    I`m sure your $12 buy will pay off next week (or further ahead) though.
  7. Boss302


    I started watching this as well when I noticed that SLV appeared to be rolling over. I got in on the 19th at 11.09 with a trailing stop but that gap on the 20th has me a little worried.
  8. So you're holding these overnight? I was under the impression that these ultra-ETFs were pretty much for day trading only.
  9. Boss302


    I hold them overnight - they don't move that much. I feel safer with them than I do stocks actually. No worries about earnings, scandals, etc..
  10. lasner


    I hold them overnight as well. ZSL looks pretty good I think it could easly move to 20 or 30 if we see a sell off in silver.
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