anyone looking at GOL ?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by razor99, Mar 29, 2007.

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    wondering if it hits 29.50 today... GOL
  2. GOL is a great trade. Fundamentally sound company with great news in its acquisition of Varig. I see $30+ for it in the near term.

    Should also look into TAM as they tend to trade together.
  3. razor I have owned in the past and am VERY filled in on the name. My take right NOW is twofold YES it's the most obvious chart out there right now it screams
    " buy " However an antiquated and malfunctioning air control system in Brazil (bet you didn't think you'd be reading about that today on ET!) is leading to many cancelations and I fear missed earnings next time around. Personally, I would hold off and that's what I've decided to do- for now.
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    GOL's a great example. It's fundamentals are strong, it's got great growth and a modest P/E, especially when compared to LUV or JBLU, which operates in a saturated market. GOL is like Southwest in 1979, but since it's in Latin America, the analysts will take it down.

    Unless Bear Stearns knows something we don't, expect GOL to be a mid $30 stock in 3 months.

    I have been long this for months!
  5. Hmmm...downgrades a few days before an acquisition....very fishy
  6. heard they had to bring the military police in at the airport. they had a jetblue situation and the passengers fought there way out to the tarmac crazy scene. Air system falling apart...
  7. My Wackyovia broker is still trapped in Brazil. Apparently the air traffic controllers have gone on strike. He went down there for a wedding, missed several breakout stocks has been this close to getting out of the country numerous times. At last check he and some other financial types were thinking about making a raft.
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    Have not carefully read today's Sao Paulo newspaper article, (busy doing my taxes - dam it was a good year) but it seems the air control system will become civilian, no longer run by the airforce.