anyone long VNT?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by slickshal, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. i am and the future looks grim:(
  2. What happens when a company is nationalized?

    Do investors get zero or some rock-bottom price?
  3. ouch.. that has to hurt.

    you can always put in a .01 bid and hope he changes his mind.
  4. I'm long this stock, too. What happens now?
  5. pray... its very bad news..
  6. the guy got a large mouth, he may just be talking out of his ass. i hope for u it's the case anyways.

    best of luck all.
  7. I could have bought this a year or so ago when it was trading at around 12 bucks. I didn't because I always thought nationalisation was very much on the cards. I read an article about Chavez in the Bloomberg magazine too, Chavez would do this to cement his domestic support base.
    If you want to play South American telcos I would just do it indirectly and invest in Telefonica, a Spanish company which has a large exposure to Latin America.