Anyone long TASR here??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NYSEscalpa, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I picked up a small position in TASR on the news that they might become publicly available. Anyone else see that this thing is due for a pop here??

    I am also looking at DAL, but am worried about BK issues. Also, if the company seeks additional financing, they will swap debt for equity which will further dilute the stock.
  2. r-in


    Just read about a company thats working on a Star Trek like phaser. They have a model that may work for building security, but not yet for handheld unit. Wild stuff.
  3. I like tasr anywhere from 10 below...

    believe it to be a longer position trade then daily although I have traded it daily.

    Have had positions since 8dollar range and release from 50cent to dollar...

    am flat now in the stock..
    write puts at 10dollars and average once I am feed the stock it is happens.

    usually like to have 10/20k shares
  4. I made a shitload of money on TASR, but I've also lost a fuckload of money on TASR too.

    Fuck TASR.
  5. I hear ya brother, ups and downs....its the "game" we play.

    I hope you are net positive on TASR at least.