Anyone long on Wheat??

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  1. Anyone long on Wheat?? How high do you think its going? Your opinions, please.
  2. I'm somewhat bullish wheat here but perhaps for only 10 or 15 cents.

    My concern is the Dec/May spread has pulled back hard in the last few days. This could mean demand is being pushed back into the next crop.
  3. hi. sorry this is off topic but.. do you guys have any problems witht the data feed from the cbot for grains? my qoutes seem to stop working,but just for the grains. when things get haywire,i guess they would be delayed a bit. eg. dec zw my last stuck at 461 for the 1/2 hr of the day.i use IB for data. i thought i'd check before i contact IB. thanks very much
  4. Well, I called that one wrong. The spread chart Dec/May came ROARING back.

    Battle-IB's data worked great for me all day.
  5. hi fully. are you getting floor prices or just ecbot? my ecbot works great just some of thegrains,wheat and soybeans are malfunctioning. thanks
  6. ZW Dec 06, ECBOT is what I ran all day. When wheat went crazy, it seemed to keep up very nicely.

    That being said, I have seen other situations where a single ticker just freezes. A few weeks ago, ER2 froze. I had to quit TWS and restart, and it worked fine.
  7. MGJ


    The spread between Kansas City Wheat, and Chicago Wheat, has been in quite a nice trend for quite a long time.
  8. Not with the further out months limit up as well, I dont know what driving it (besides the news:) )

    I was thinking most of the grains looked toppy, my analysis has been a tad uninspired lately.
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