Anyone living & trading from an RV?

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  1. I'm looking at getting one to trade via wireless broadband. I read the posts on ET and also sprint/att/verizon sites & some net reviews. Sprint seems to come out the winner. It seems feasible even for daytrading since:

    1. I enter with a LMT order accompanied by a stop. Once this gets on the servers, my remote connection is irrelevant.

    2. Most of the time after I enter an order, there is a least some retracement, for example on the ER2, typically .5-1 pt. So even if my connection is a bit slow, I'll still get in the LMT order 90% of the time. If I don't, I haven't lost anything.

    3. With thinkorswim they are responsive on the phone & could always handle a phone order if ever nec.

    4. I imagine all I'd have to do is stream some music for an hour or so to see if the connection gets dropped. If not, it's probably a good spot to stop & trade.

    Any other tips & tricks for going mobile?

    many thx
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    Find out what the TOS really include. They might all say "unlimited data". But for some, what that really means is "unlimited data... for what we consider reasonable".

    For some, that means, only browsing webpages and sending email. No downloading, and further more, NO STREAMING.

    Read this...
  3. Verizon is 5gig/mnth for their flat fee.
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    I remember hearing about a google maps mashup that mapped all the cell towers in a given locale. This might also be useful for you.
  5. sprint has unlimited for $60/mo:
    (scroll to bottom)

    Download: 600-1400 Kbps average, 3.1 Mbps peak
    Upload: 350-500 Kbps average, 1.8 Mbps peak

    Compare to comcast high speed internet from Tucson to Chicago:
    Download 3960 Kbps
    Upload 370 Kbps same as wireless broadband!

    here is the coverage map

    more info

    comcast plans to join mobile broadband:
  6. I had sprint wireless last year and it worked perfectly. No limit on downloaded data and it never dropped the connection. Recommended.
  7. Was it fast enough to trade with?

    I met a guy last year that only uses wifi in RV parks or his own, $2000 Sat dish (motosat I think). He said the phone services were all way too slow.

    I've thought about this also. Figured I could replace my current 4 monitor array with a 30" monitor driven by a Mac book. Compact, yet a full office!
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    Trading from an RV while vacationing in Yellowstone or that's the life :D
  9. I trade broadband through verizon with a laptop and additional 17 in. monitor when I am away from home. I dump the monitor when it's not practical. $40 a month and no problem streaming.

    I usually have 3 chart timeframes up and up to 20 symbols ticking not including naz, s&p and DJIA. also running a t&s screen.

    get a usb extension cord to get the modem off your laptop...that thing gets bumped to much.

    No probs from verizon.
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