Anyone living (lived) in a pareado or adosado in spain?

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  1. Some parts of Spain are developed and posh which surely are the areas you live in and go to, but when you average out most areas, the averaged environment is rather semi-developed especially the soft-infrastructure. Granted, it is still much better than Greece/Turkey, but the only way to experience positive surprises in Spain is to first consider it as Greece, which if i did I wouldn't be disappointed.

    Since you have lived in the North, I am surprised you decidedly chose to live in Spain with your family. Sport-wise, am surely good in your chosen school, but how is it academically? Any IB scorecard / college admission stats for that school
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    I wouldn t argue over whether many parts of Spain look like poorly developed shitholes though, I haven't t been all over the country but some urbanisation are really lousy, including in touristy areas ( it attracts lots of cheap Europeans tourists). Roads and infrastructure look very much first world though.I ve called once the emergency service in Madrid and got a reply in a couple of seconds, from a helpful staff. I used to dial the emergency number in Paris without getting an answer, but more experiences would be necessary to get a fair comparison
    For schools Runnymede and American School of Madrid also have excellent reputation (Asm better than Ics actually but it is further away from the sports school so we didn't t apply). No doubt there are other good schools in Spain.

    We might move to Belgium or elsewhere if daughter doesn't make it in the Sports school here, but I have strong cultural links to Spain, want to give it a try for a few years and get nationality( on paper I'm entitled to a fast track, but few things end up really fast when Spanish administration isinvolved aparently)
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    About the rude part, it might be a cultural bias, I d say Spain (Madrid specifically)) is the place where I find the people most helpful when asking for help in the street (in spanish), overall it is quite friendly imo
    I m lazy to dig up the link, but again Madrid came recently as the favourite european capital for expats to live in, even despite the slow bureaucracy, and health markers are excellent in Spain, overall it apears a well functioning city.
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  5. I do agree with what you say and understand your view when you have an above-average wealth, life shouldn't be bad. Also agree the hard infrastructure are all fine. But when I try to imagine the life of an average dude (average income, average home, average education,etc), my estimated average life doesn't compare well to a Northern EU country, again I might be biased given my extremely negative experience with the government agency, which caused me a lot of trouble.
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  6. Took a website look at Runnymede and Kings Madrid, from their univ destination data, hardly look like top schools. ,
    low % of imperial/oxbridge/lse and extremely low% to US ivy (mostly unknown US crap schools). One thing attractive about madrid schools is the tuition fee is rather low (eur15k/yr). Schools in malaysia cost at least $20k, singapore/hk above $30k
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