Anyone living (lived) in a pareado or adosado in spain?

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  1. How's the noise insulation ? With walls sharing with the other side(s), do you hear each other if one is shouting or playing loud music? I like the idea of a small community but want privacy.
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    why should Spain be different than any other place?
  3. I don't know, maybe due to some building regulations and general practices, the wall thickness/materials can be different. But please provide some colours on adosado/pareado. Never lived in one but considering one around the city vs a detached house further away
  4. It looks like a house but the shared walls with the neighbors look suspicious. The place looks nice outside and inside and close to city metro, but only wanna live if i can live it like a detached without having to risk hearing any neighboring music/tv/sex/talks etc. I heard stories people living in apartments/condo often have issues with neighboring noise as the walls tend to be paper-thin
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  5. I lived for a year in a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom penthouse in the most upscale neighborhood of Barcelona (SarriĆ”-Sant Gervasi) And boy were those walls thin. I sometimes pitied our neighbors, to be honest. Much much thinner than we are used to in Belgium and The Netherlands, were i lived most of my life.
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  6. Thanks. I hear stories people living in pisos across spain that not only they have noise issues with the neighboring units, but also the upper/lower floors. Not sure if the "intimacy" also applies to townhouses. I think I rather choose a detached in the suburb (30kms to city) than a pareado around it (15km). Not in the business of Huawei, just wanna live a quiet life without having to hear or be heard.
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    Thanks Chuck, looking at house and apartments in Madrid suburbs and this info could be useful - although not that much as it unlikely we go for better than semi detached house or penthouse if we stick to La Moraleja. But afraid of the noise, especially of people banging the floors above. Fwiw talking about posh neighborhood, just going to the next suburb, which is far from a shithole, for the price of a semi detached house (slightly under 2million Eur) in La Moraleja one gets large detached houses with huge gardens, I would rather rent but not sure how keen are landlords there to let to someone whose only income if from capital and has no fiscal history in Spain.
    By any chance, have you figured out in Spain how to deal with dividends from countries like HK and Singapore. Reading the tax treaties it seems they should be taxed at 5% in Spain, but looking up Spanish language investment forums, people there think all dividends should be taxed the same way from the spanish side, added together and taxed at 22% if over 50k euros for the year. No one seems to have direct experience though. Reading other news bit on internet, the answer is not clear, even in Spanish. Quite sure withholding tax wise it is better to buy spanish listed stocks than US or other european stocks, but not clear with countries outside those. IB is a disaster commission wise to deal in Spanish stocks, will probably have to move part of the account, possibly to Degiro. A bit disturbing as it seems our stay there will end up more costly than I had anticipated tax wise.
    I will ask a tax advisor, but decided to see one in Spain, before registering as a resident there, rather than in Hk where it is more of a hassle, but would apreciate all related info beforehand.
  8. i think we are in a similar situation. I have a HK tax residency and prefer to keep it that way despite planning to buy a house around madrid and live as a resident there for a few years (maybe longer). I haven't checked on taxes at all. Maybe I will declare a freelance programmer, which earns me around $2000-5000 a year. Looking at the west-side suburbs like Las Rozas/Pozuelo/Boadilla de Monte. La moraleja is way over my budget
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    Good luck with that move, keeping tax residency in HK while spending most of the year in Spain will probably have you jump quite deep into the grey zone, curious to see how that goes. I'm planning to stop trading actively btw, in which direction i've gone already for the last couple of years.
    Let me know once you move to Madrid, we can hook up there - pretty sure we will stay in Northern Madrid, in or very near Alcobendas/La Moraleja.
    Also in case you found a lawyer there who seems knowledgeable about the HK/Spain situation, it would be keen to pm the contact the info, i'm looking for a lawyer like this.
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  10. Last month, I saw a new development in Boadilla de Monte and the semi-detached looked nice. One bus+train to the city, so reasonably convenient for me (I work from home so probly once a week out to the city). The thing is I am afraid of potential lack of privacy as the walls between the units looked more or less like any interior walls.
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