Anyone knows where I can find the documentary "The Pit"??????

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  1. Anyone knows where I can find the documentary "The Pit"????? It was removed from netflix, and there isn´t any legal or ilegal way to get this. wtf happened to it???
  2. its on netflix, i'm looking at it now.
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  4. i cannot find it in netflix :/
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    It's on there - available for live-streaming. I just checked @ 11pm EST (right now). Just search, & it should show up as the first or second result.
  6. damn, nothing. Maybe it´s only available for US or something, I only get a bunch of stupid movies and all the pirates of caribean series :confused: :confused: (dont know how can that be in the results of the search for "the pit").

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    That sucks - don't know what to tell ya. Sorry.
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    This is new as I've looked for it before. Netflix also has "Floored" streaming, and a special about GS.

    Thanks for the pointer!
  9. ok, can somebody rip it and upload on some torrent tracker? :D
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    Netflix seems to have changed their interface recently. I'm a streaming customer and can't see DVD-only rentals anymore. Perhaps if you're DVD-only, that's why you can't see it as a streaming movie. I see The Pit on the site as well.
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