Anyone knows where I can access sophisticated conditional orders like these?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by IShopAtPublix, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Ok I found in my practice that the biggest potential for trades to "blow up" in my face occurs during the time I sleep. I am on EST so I obviously cant be awake 24hrs. I monitor stuff very carefully from 5pm to 12am but then I have to go to sleep. Is there a platform or a script or anything that would allow me to setup conditions like this:

    If XXX/YYY is at this level around this time (EST) then close out my trade, or enter into a trade if XXX/YYY is at this level at so and so time? I also would want to setup a system where I would go into a currency pair or exit out of a currency pair given a level of another currency pair at a particular time.

    Anyone know of a system/script/platform/broker that would allow me to do that?

    N.B I am well aware of simple stop orders and trailing stops but I need time sensitive conditions as they are more responsive to my needs instead of simple price cutoffs.