Anyone knows software with real time tick charts for sp500 futures???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by manuka, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. manuka



    i need free real time TICK charts for SP emini.

    Anyone knows where to get such a software... ?

    i've seen tick charts in CQG but it's not for free.
  2. Ninja/Zen
  3. manuka


    i've tried. for free there is only simulated trading there.

    but i need real prices for free :)

  4. The simulated trading offers real prices for free , no ?
  5. nkhoi


  6. correct
  7. RedDuke


    Go to and open free ninja/zen fire demo. Even tough it is demo, the feed is real.
  8. manuka


    RedDuke thanks for info i'll try.

    ANd one more question... does anyone know where can i find the same thing (real time, real prices, ticks) for DAX and FTSE 100 futures or/and the index itself.

    thanks for helping me out.... everyone.
  9. manuka


    boogaga. it's working... ninja/zen working... now if i could find those EU indexes/futures
    #10     Jan 29, 2009