anyone knows if CME plans to lower commissions?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by 50 cent, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. I know that cbot is lowering mini-dow fees at the start of 2004, does anyone know if cme also plans to reduce fees on NQ and ES?

    Since IB has been courteous to pass the savings to their clients on them YM, they might do a similar thing on the nq and es..

    Thanks for info
  2. I think that CME should increase their f*cking exchange fees.

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  4. any hard info with reference appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Well, my baseball bat is pretty hard.
    But I digrass...
  6. CME, can you hear me ?

    Do you have anything to announce for 2004 ?

    Are you going to rip-off your retail customers for another year ?