Anyone knows how to set up a Managed Future business?

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    I'm planning to set up a CTA to track my trading record? Would anyone who has relative experience provides me the information about that?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. is that your only goal? to create a track record? or you want to actually open managed accounts and trade futures for clients?
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    I want to trade futures for clients. But without track record, how can I get clients?
  4. Have you ever traded futures?
  5. I was snooping around aisource and some guy called to see if I was looking to invest and when I told him I was just seeing how awesome I am compared to all these CTAs he started to explain some of the process of getting started and what potential investors are really interested in. We didn't get into the nuts and bolts, not sure if I can just take 5 years of statements to an accountant and he creates a performance track record or if performance doesn't count until you pass the test. Not sure what difference it makes. I would personally find it hysterical if someone gave an idiot such as myself money to trade with how I please.

    So it turns out that this aiSource is part of Lakefront futures which I guess is a broker so they probably just want accounts whether you're a cta or not. Talking to the rep I get the feeling they are the real deal. I did an et search and there are no mention of this company. Anyone ever deal with Lakefront?
  6. I became a registered CTA earlier this year.

    I used Dennis at for Disclosure Document and Advisor Procedures.

    If you have any specific questions, i would be more than happy to answer
  7. Want the easy way?

    If you have a solid track record then call Bob over at

    If you are worth his time he will not only set everything up but he can easily raise 50 mil in a few months! That is where Max Ansbacher got his original funding.
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    This bob??
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    Sure, what did you use as your track record, and how did you get clients?

  10. I didnt have any previous experience managing money, so I left performance record blank.

    I still don't have any clients and just managing my own account. Hopefully once I have 12 months of performance history, I might get some interest.
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