Anyone knows about John Richardson?

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    Has anyone paid for John Richardson's course? He has a website . He charges about $3,000 for his course (No Refund if not satisfied). He has been advertising in different magazines. He says he does not trade condors or credit spreads and has some special kind of trade. I can't imagine what his trade is. I am curious but I don't want to get scammed:confused: :cool: :D
  2. His website talks about theta decay. Practically speaking, this inevitably means selling some sort of spread. It may be an Iron condor style or broken wing butterfly with a little twist or some sort of calendar play.
  3. His account statements show ($4,000) set aside, etc... but the $30,000 account he trades I assume, doesn't look like its going anywhere...

    Also, no losing months. There are options pros that are on the buy end and selling end, and they all have volatility months.

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    100 suckers a year at 3 grand a pop is a pretty good gig.

    If he was that good, he'd be trading his own money and running a huge hedge fund. He's not and he's trolling.
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    Thanks traders for your thoughts. I tried to reach John Richardson several times by phone ( as advertised on his website) but I get only a recording and never a return call. I guess its just another scam.
  6. i think you could go to terry tips and get a free trial and see if you think these secret adjustment things can work. DO NOT SPEND ANY OF your money on these things. jmho
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have trolled these forums myself on many an occasion in the past and I am fully aware that evil vendors are not welcome here. Therefore, I will not make a sales pitch of any kind or rebut any of the misinformation posted here.

    However, I did want to take issue with the statement that I don't answer the phone. I am a trader and am very busy during market hours. Therefore, I am frequently not able to answer the phone right away. I do get a number of callers that don't leave a voice mail and I am not able to return their call. I have always returned a call to every caller who has left me a voice mail.

    If you want to find out more about my strategy than you can from people making guesses on forums, please find the phone number on my website and give me a call.

    Pardon the intrusion.

    Take Care,

  8. My experiences with the course reconcile with the comments of everyone except John777. Very poor experience with course. I use the DVD as a coaster on my table. Wasted many hours learning course. John777 was very hard to get on phone. Not that it would have made difference.
    But what do I know, I've been trading longer than John777. :p
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    From SFO magazine:

    Training programs and seminars have dangerous limitations

    "Though it is true that you may have to start somewhere, the mastery of strategies and knowledge comes not from a fast-track bunch of classes, but with prolonged, active day trading. Your chances of becoming a successful day trader, fresh out of any brief training, are highly - no, extremely - unlikely, and those programs can actually harm you by encouraging overconfidence."

    I second the motion :)
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