Anyone know why the selloff at 3pm?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sammybea, May 21, 2007.

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  2. I scanned the news and didn't find anything unusual. Google news, ap, marketwatch

    The markets seem to be recoving though

    I suspect it was profit taking

    What is interesting to note is the dow dropped 20 point 5 minutes into the open which indicates that somne larger funds are unloading today. They porobably took profits at 3PM as well.
  3. The big boys are trying to take your money from you by forcing you to sell. Additionally, the money is rotating from the big cap to small cap.
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    Sorry, my bad, I pushed the wrong button. Should go back up soon.
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    Nigerian Oil Concern maybe???
  7. I am amazed the term "market crash" wasn't used yet for that 20 point YM drop!!!!
  8. 30 points
  9. Are YOU buying this dip?
  10. no info out at all

    No news

    I suspect selling before the econ data due out later this week

    but not a very big selloff either

    dow is down only 20 points or so
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