anyone know why Nextrend doesn't have 1-min charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by o_2_b_sean, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. I have used NexTrend for several months now. I love their service in every way, except one: no 1-min charts. I have had to use my broker's charts for that. What's the dealio with this, anyone know? It only just now occured to me to email tech support about this, brain funk I guess; I thought I would post here too...

  2. they have always had 1 minute charts.

    choose "scales" tab, then choose "minutes" and place a "1" in the "multiplier" window.
  3. hi,

    before switching to TS6, i used nextrend exclusively. they have very good one minute charts.

  4. it is a little counter-intuitive to do it that way but it works fine... thanks
  5. tuna


    ok i've just nailed this problem
    go to setup/favorites/
    click on "favorite time periods"
    add whatever you like ,1-5-15-60 etc then 1 min charts are available from the time changer..rather than that properties etc..