Anyone know where to get Realtime CDS graphs

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by shbhanda, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. shbhanda


    I would love to be able to monitor the Credit Default Swap rates for different entities like Spain, Greece, Germany, Bank of America, BP, etc.

    Anybody know a good website or subscription service, besides Bloomberg, for this?
  2. sjfan


  3. Markit EOD only? You cannot be serious!.... ;)
  4. sjfan


    Are you joking or are you serious? Granted - I left CDS trading about a year ago to do rates trading instead, but back then MarkIt was the EOD marking provider. Futher, I can't see how it can be 'real-time' since it's based on dealer quote contributions (+ some 'data cleaning algorithm'). The second surest way to real time quoting is via dealer Bloomberg runs; the surest way is to call up the desk.

    Has something changed?


  5. According to the Markit Desktop description, the quotes are realtime.
    " Markit Intraday data – up-to-the-minute pricing perspective on credit indices in real-time."

    " Integrated Markit Quotes – an integrated view in real-time of your own quote prices from dealer runs gives ultimate monitoring of OTC pricing across your universe against the market"
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    Indices (ie, IG CDX, HY CDX, etc) are not CDS - but baskets of CDS. They are more liquidly traded. So okay - makes sense that they would get around to doing real time there.

    Second part doesn't sound like real time CDS, but a composite monitor like Bloomberg's AllQ and RUNS; It's an aggregate of all the quotes from the dealers who are showing you; You need to have a relationship with them before they send you anything (via Bloomberg or via MarkIt).

    Looks like still no dice on real time CDS.

  7. sjfan , thank you for your contribution; now it's clear.