Anyone know when QE3 will get announced?

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  1. Will it be the next meeting?
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    Sooner than later, only about 50,000 jobs added in May so it seems that are going to rush yet another QE to pump up the markets and economy, why risk letting the free markets come into play when you can stimulate it using worthless dollars!!!!
  3. Fed is good at creating financial bubbles with increasing money supply , until the bubble bursts again.
  4. They will call it, " controlled economic expansion program" , "Job Recovery Bill" , something to that effect. Just enough to keep the sheeple slowly rotting in their own shit without realizing it.

    Whenever I talk to friends or family who don't have finance as their profession....They usually don't realize what I'm talking about when I'm saying the fed is pumping trillions into the economy to prop it up and the long term consequences are huge. They just don't really care or think it will have any consequence because they figure it's just always been like this or is business as usual. The average joe will wake up more so when times get tougher. Until this happens the fed is undar the radar with their agenda to the majority thus far.
  5. How come they keep increasing the money supply but you dont see a corresponding increase in velocity of money?

    And you keep seeing a growing amount of money from banks being stored at the federal reserve?

    Any one know why? why is it just being stored away.
  6. Because we're in the middle of a deleveraging cycle...
  7. The debt and deficit problem in the US is so serious that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan finds himself in the position of recommending the highest tax rates in more than a decade.


    Here is the first phase of the QE3.

    Fucking Crooks.
  8. Yep this accelerating deleveraging cycle is about another decade of two in length.

    It is funny to read, more like pathetic, the articles of two years ago or so, declaring the Recession/Depression is over and that there is no way the US will end up like JAPAN.......

    What a bunch of FOOLS.

    Watch the media replace the words "GREAT RECESSION" and RECESSION with DEPRESSION. They will slowly lead the Sheeople into the DEPRESSION not to create panic. As if there is anything one can do about it any way.

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    I would say in September of 2011. It would be bigger too because $600b didn't work. It should be around $2.4 trillion.
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    Tsing Tao

    Perhaps, but it's because the banks are keeping all that money in reserves at the Fed for interest. If they ever release that massive amount into the economy, God help us when inflation hits.
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