Anyone know when Dateline's "Stockgate" is airing?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Chagi, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I've read on a number of sites that Dateline has been delaying the airing of a segment on the stock markets (I believe that naked shorting is a major part of the topic).

    Has anyone seen any updates on when this will be airing?
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    I went to the link. I read it. Sounds weird. No wonder it's not airing on Dateline. I don't get the real rational for doing it. IF the supposedly con hfs/brokers/canadians etc. LEND money and OWN the shares why would they want to drive it down by naked short selling?

    OK. So, theorectically they could get in at a very low cost basis. hehe. But then doesn't the stock has to rise again in order to profit? But oh yeah, they are doing naked short selling. So, the near zero shares they own are used to cover?

    But wtf? They don't need to lend money to do that. This guy just writes incoherent stuff. So, BFD, that people short? Nothing wrong. It goes on everyday. He mades it as though it's somethign so secretive to short. Geez.

    People like to hear conspiracy theories.
  4. You another clown that thinks there is never anything going on.

    So if someone told you that hedgies were trading mutual funds after the bell you'd say what?

    Go back to sleep.
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    This is a recurring story thats being run by some guy at that faukling website. I'm not sure if he's making it all up, but don't lose sleep over it.

    Anyone who actually trades would know that his entire premise for "stockgate" is rather ridiculous. Its your run of the mill internet conspiracy theory, wrapped in some financial lingo.

    BTW, don't hold your breath for dateline to air anything.
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    I'm not a clown. :) But anyhow, hedgies trading MF after the bell is quite different than this ridiculous conspiracy theory. There was an obvious risk free arbitrage reason for doing it. This however is not. And I know about the MF market timing details more than I like to say now.
  7. Naked Short Selling has always been around. This is nothing new.
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    Well, it's unfortunate if I have done something to perpetuate the rumour, though I plan on taping Dateline that day just to be sure.
  9. CNBC “Street Signs” Ron Insana will interview “LIVE” Robert Shapiro, Forensic Economist and former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce from the Clinton administration who analyzed the recently produced Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) reports in Eagletech’s stock by the DTCC and its subsidiary NSCC.

    His report shows scathing open delivery failures for up to 252 trading days. The average number of undelivered shares in November 2000 was 102,239 shares per day. It could be interesting to say the least! This should be taped and added as addenda to the Dateline show. It’s the hard evidence that they hinted at but didn’t show on Sunday night.

    Street Signs airs from 2:00 to 3:00 PM tomorrow Thursday the 4th. The Shapiro interview is supposed to be near 2:30 PM.

    Get this out to everyone you can before then.


    Rodney E. (Rod) Young
  10. thanks for the heads up....should be interesting.
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