Anyone know what stock this arb is talking about?

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  1. Teaser idea - we have recently published an interesting capital structure arbitrage opportunity. 36% spread is outstanding and borrow is available on IB. The expiration date is set for the 20th of November, so the timeline is quite short. Management seems highly incentivized to proceed and has recently waived all shareholder approval and financing-related conditions.
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    Pay their fee and find out.
  3. The service isn’t worth their high fee.
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    36percent return in 2 weeks. Unless they are charging you more than 36percent of your net worth, it’s obviously worth it!
  5. You are more gullible than I. I’m always suspicious of special situations letters that don’t offer free trials. This particular one has too many garden variety merger arbitrages, penny stocks and Chinese-listed crap.
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    Then why do you care?
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  7. It can be worth it to know if the cost of the information is low or zero.
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    In case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic.

    it’s unlikely this opportunity is real and if it were it would be significantly capacity constrained. And if it were real and someone found it (capacity constrained or not) they would be fools for sharing it on a public website where every hedge fund can find it.
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