Anyone know what happened..

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  1. at 12:45ish.. Market tanked.
  2. I put a market order to sell some stuff. Sorry.
  3. It was a "noon balloon". The market should retrace it all back. We'll see!
  4. Sell program hit. Looks like it was a smaller firm because of the relatively low volume.

    That's two big selldowns in 2 consecutive days...hmmmm

    Have any bears been spotting peeking from behind the elms?? Are they just out of sight, hiding in the mist?
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    low volume, pre holiday market...easy for a buy/sell program to move the market. All systems are normal. :D
  6. 3 handles is tanked?
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    In 15 minutes the ES dropped 4.75 pts, taking out today's low and the low of the week. So while that wasn't FOMC surprise announcement type tankage, it was a pretty fast (and unexpected) move down. And it all happened during lunch.
  8. With these ranges and the snail like pace of any downside movement, I can see why people said "tanked".
  9. Just freaking amazing...

    what passes for a "tank", market is "selling hard"or the ever popular.. "what the heck happned" ???

    thread these days

  10. 11,000+ ES traded in the space of a minute at 1:55 p.m. News? Fat finger trade? What?
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