Anyone know US dollar index future

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Fighter, May 1, 2007.

  1. Fighter


    Anyone know US dollar index future available in IB?

    I cannot find the symbol from their database. It sounds it is not available in IB.

  2. They're traded on the NYBOT which IB doesn't support. They may ultimately trade on ICE at some point, which IB was mulling over supporting a couple months ago. I haven't heard anything recently about ICE on IB though.
  3. Fighter


    Thank for infor. too pity.
    I like that future very much.

    hope we can have that from IB
  4. bunkinc


    IB rep says ICE/NYBOT coming soon.. (last week they said "week or 2")

    ICE rolling out DX on screen in June.

    fyi, CME has a trade weighted US $ index future that trades (not much) on IB: symbol USS
  5. It doesn't trade at all, no market, no b/a spread. CME should have simply cloned the DX, just as the CBOT started trading metals.