anyone know the date Maria Bartiromo said maybe people should short stocks?

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  1. back when the nasdaq was going down endlessly, i remember one day on cnbc, maria bartiromo was like, "maybe people should consider shorting stocks then?"

    i am pretty sure this was in 2002, but i'd like to know the date.
  2. gaj


  3. she certainly isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer

    makes you wonder where cnbc finds these people

    Between her, cramer, Faber, and the Fast Money guys

  4. So you must be a friggin' genius then, is that it?

    Why don't you send them your resume, champ.
  5. When Dillan Radigan & Maria are paired up, it's almost embarassing watching Maria act like she knows what Dillan is talking about.
  6. Dillon "the stuttering prick" Ratigan is almost as painful to listen to as Terry Keenan was back in the day......i mean flat out embarrasing for those whom remeber her.they finally showed her the door & i`m sure Ratigan will soon be a vapor trail.

    the shortest term of employment was by a new girl ,making her debut in tha late `90`s referred to Shlumberger as shlum-burger......never saw her again.
  7. i dunno CNBC needs to fire those clowns and hire some people who actually know how the stock market and the economy works. The number of bad or obvious calls is astounding. And the commentators should be held accontable for thier stupid comments. Cramer has probably cost amateur investors untold sums of money through his dreadful picks but is is kept on the air soley for ratings. maria needs to go back to her job at hooters or whatever.
  8. Lol, I remember Keenan...what a dumb whore.

    But I would like to bang every chick on cnbc including Maria's ass.:p
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  10. Lol, I know she's got some junk in the trunk but it's all good with me.:p
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