Anyone know RFID leaders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joe, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Joe


    Does anyone know who is at the forefront of RFID technology right now? I hear a lot of universities are doing R&D, but what companies are actually going to be pushing it in individually packaged products?

  2. RXIS


    adsx's subsidary doc?
    I think I read about another company in a retail publication. I'll look for it.
  3. mhashe



    List is across the board, covers chip manufaturers, designers, software and retailers that are in forefront of RFID.
  4. Boudicca


    I think RFMD does that stuff too. It's an area I am interested in but haven't had time to do much research. Thanks for all the symbols.
  5. mhashe


    Hard to figure out where the $ will come from, mostly benefits to retailers. think RFID in each coke can and toothpaste to track consumer behavior. RFID will be commoditized and not much $ in the manufacturing. imo the $ is with those who hold the key patents in design and software. UNA,ZBRA and CHKP probably ones to watch. WMT and Military shipping pallets testing RFIDs at the moment, those suppliers need to be researched.
  6. Merlin


    Doesn't ZBRA have the big Wal-mart contract? I'd say that might put them in the lead or whichever company helped the U.S. Army set their system up.
  7. cmk


    Yeah, SBL, Cramer was all excited about SBL's RFID prospects, he bought it and it went down about 30% in a few months.

    I don't think things are far a long enough to be picking individual companies, just that it will be the new standard once they iron out the kinks.
  8. Boudicca


    Good points. I would think that all shipping would be a nice area to use the technology? I'll check out the ones you specify over the weekend - or try to. Thanks.