Anyone know of E-libraries?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by EliteEd, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. EliteEd


    I'm looking for sites to rent out trading books and material. So far, is the only one I have found. Can anyone help me out finding others?
  2. I got a bunch in Pdf format
  3. Me too, do you know of a board or a mailing list where people could trade/share them?
  4. I used overnet
  5. EliteEd


    Thanks for all the helpful info. Not really looking for PDF's or online books. Looking for books that I can carry around and travel with. is exactly what I am looking for, except that it has a limited inventory. Really looking for similar sights to them. Google can't seem to find any for me.

  6. gaj


    check the local libraries (city and college).

    if they belong to worldcat / OCLC, you can request books from across the country. i've found many financial books that aren't super duper rare there...
  7. simsim


  8. I agree with this reply. I have a shelf full of Trading books that I've spent a small fortune for. In retrospect, I could have gotten most of them on interlibrary loans. It's not as quick or convenient as ordering from Amazon but at least when I find a book that's useless I'm not out $50 each time. My local library said that they could even get a book from a University where there are a lot of good trading books.

    You can get some trading ebooks for cheap or free but the overpriced print cartridge from HP is going to cost you $50 anyway.

    In my view, if someone knew of a trading method that works, why wouldn't they trade it themselves instead of writing a book about it?
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Please do not use this site for trading ebooks or posting links to sites or services that facilitate the sharing of digital material. Most ebooks are sold with a user agreement that is similar to software licensing. In other words, you are buying a "right to use" license, which means you can use the material for your own personal use but you are not free to distribute it to others. As soon as this thread got started, I started receiving complaints from authors who's ebooks appeared in a few of the posts here (which are now deleted).
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