Anyone know of charting software that you can set a trendline alert for multiple...?

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  1. I scan stocks all day long that are in an obvious trend while making new highs and lows. However, I do not get long/ short on the highs/lows but wait for a pull back. For this I draw a trendline connecting the last couple significant points. I want to set an alert for each trandline when touched, but I don't want to have 20-25 windows opened on another screen for my trendline alerts.

    So my question is, do you guys know of any trading software that has the ability to set trendline alerts for multiple stocks without having to have them all open in another window?

    I know esignal, marketdelta, multicharts do not. Anyone know if tradestation has this? Any others?

  2. Saliva,

    Thanks for the quotetracker link. They seem to work somewhat well (still need to get used to the software).

    However, there is no ninjatrader trendline alert function. Are you sure that they have it?

    Also, if there is any other software out there then please let me know guys.

  3. Did ya click on the link and browsed through the forum thread? If you did, you would know that the very first post on page 1 has an attachment called "" shared by one of the NT administrators. :mad:

    Anyway, here's the direct link:
  4. The ninjatrader autotrendline indicator is not quite what I was looking for. I want to draw the trendlines by hand (on the chart), set the alert, then move on to looking at other stocks (in the same window). When the price touches the trendline that I set, whether or not I am actually looking at the stock that triggered the alert, I want to be notified (normally you have to have a window open with the stock and the trendline for it to be triggered- like in marketdelta/esignal/multicharts).

    Quotetracker does seem to have this function, though I do like the esignal charts better.

    If anyone else knows of any software that does this then please let me know.

    Much thanks
  5. Simple answer: Amibroker.
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