Anyone know of any job openings in NY for a recent college grad?

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    Not necessarily looking for anything trading oriented because of my background. Nonetheless, I was wondering if anyone knew of any job openings in NY that I could potentially use to transition into trading later on in my career. I have a B.S in mathematical finance from a non-target school 3.4 gpa. Any advice appreciated thanks.
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    You didn't like the answers you got in this very recent thread you started, to ask essentially the same question? :confused:
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    No, I didn't mean to give the wrong idea. I appreciated the responses in the other thread and have applied to over several hundred jobs collectively using the resources mentioned in that thread such as efinancialcareers. I was just seeing if there were other opportunities or resources available that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for your response
  5. I agree, Xela
    Beggars can't be choosers -- he should stop aiming for the moon and accept any job he can. Let reality finally settle and fizzle in.
    If you have an average background...the chickens will come home to roost...when trying to get a good, or better, job.

    A college degree is not a guarantee or right for a job.
    All jobs are basically boring and depressing...that's why everyone on the internet is searching for how to become an elite trader.
    Making Money Trading is the #2 Google search term for 2017...the first is Make America Great Again.
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    My research shows that the #1 Google search is currently "Mutant Santa Porn".

    You have faulty data. LOL! (j/k)
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    So is trading when you know how to do it!
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    Anyone know of any job openings in NY for a recent college grad?

    Ah, yeah. It's called the Justice Department??

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    Baron loves you. you are making music to his ears.
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  10. Google analytics probably selected that for you based on your previous searches.

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