Anyone know of a place that aggregates or collects or lists ETF reverse splits?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Kirribilli, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. By year or younger? For all the different issuers. (And no I don't have a Bloomberg.)
    Thanks in advance, KC
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    I used this service when I was trading ETFs and they had split data.
  3. Tks. Will check it out.
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    eodhistoricaldata exhibits the same data errors as Yahoo - I guess they just scrape from Yahoo and put a price tag on it.

    Their price adjustment algorithms are broken too.

    It's cheap for a reason!
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    What data errors did you see? I always adjusted for splits via my own code.
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    I looked at this company a while ago as a secondary backup source of daily data.

    Volume is consistently too low (Yahoo has this issue too) compared to a full data feed. They must be excluding some trades. The volume level exactly matches Yahoo so it's just a copy job of Yahoo (or they use the same source as Yahoo - CSI - which has this issue).

    For a very simple look at adjustments - check out GE as an example. The 0.01 dividend caused the close price of 7.28 to be adjusted to 7.2705. Where did they get that from?

    Because they can't get a simple company like GE correct and adjust correctly for a basic dividend, I'd avoid this one for any serious use.
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