Anyone know of a good web based streaming chart service for eminis?

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  1. i sampled a few but they are kind of pricey and some were unreliable. anyone have experience with a reliable web based real time charting services for the eminis?
    i dont need any fancy stuff like esignal. just live bar charts for eminis. would appreciate any recommendations.
  2. Surdo


    Try Futuresource.
  3. A lot of trading platforms offer charting. Assuming you need to charts to perform trades, check out the different platforms out there and the charting is usually included or a small cost if you trade thru them.
  4. but thats the thing i dont want platforms. they are software based and have bugs. i have been trying a platform recently called sierra charts and got the data feed from open tick. it was terribly flawed and was getting invalid data. it was freezing up too. i am looking for web/java based charting services.
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    I trade through XPRESSTRADE for emini dow contracts. They have a web-based, java interactive charting service that is free to those who trade accounts with them. It is live and seems to be accurate, but I don't know enough to prove otherwise. I have never had it freeze and I have left it on all day on several occasions. The chart has basic indicators...nothing too fancy. Nothing like esignal. It meets my needs. Ask them for a free look.

    Bill R.
  6. Think or swim. I like the web trading interface. Almost anything you can do in the software you can do in the web trading interface.
  7. that would require me to close my account with my current brokerage firm whom i like and open an account with them just to get a web based charting service? i dont know if it would be worth it but thanks.
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    and it is FREE !
  9. hey brown,
    that is esignal. i know about them already. like i said they are very expensive and their service requires a very fast computer which i dont have.
    i dont use all that worthless technical junk like moving averages. i just need the streaming price bars. thats it.
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