Anyone know of a good emini S&P 500 System?

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  1. I was using a divergence method and could never get forward with it. I would win, lose and win again, not really making any money. I have sourced the junkie system from that is cheap and includes mentoring. But just wondering if any one esle has a good system for the mini S&P???
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  3. buy low sell high works pretty well

    and dont need any mentoring
  4. Although I'm not a big fan of daytrading,
    I have clients that like using Bowties intra-day.

    The more successful ones switch timeframes and somehow now when to switch from "scalp" to "trend" mode by varying their time frames (e.g. 1 min, 5 min, 15 min. charts..and even tick charts in choppy markets).

    I think their success is knowing the market (and not the pattern in and of itself) since index futures can be very choppy.

    You simply look "tight" crossings of the 10sma/20ema/30ema and then a pullback.

    Intra-day patterns work best when combined with bigger picture patterns...(higher time frames)......

    Attached is an example on the cash S&P.
    Notice the market traded sideways/made marginal new highs then rolled over.
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