Anyone Know Jonathan Hoenig's Record?

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  1. You know, the guy on FOX's "Bulls and Bears," runs a hedge fund called Capitalist Pig Asset Management at

    Before took down their results, they were pretty impressive-- 100%+ returns a year. But like I said, the performance isn't on the site anymore. So does anyone have access to his current and/or past performance?

    Anyway, I always liked the guy on "Bulls and Bears," but on the show he tones down his opinions quite a bit. If your read his articles one, he's all about TA, yet he puts on the dog and pony FA show on T.V.
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    I think his TV/Article advice has been very sound. For the past three years he has been really pushing REITs, Gold and Bonds on the long side. And had some good shorts like GE and CSCO. During the same time many of the panelists did not strike me as nearly as consistent.

    However, on the Fox show they have a stock challenge going and "The Pig" was in last place. (I missed last week so this may have changed) Also I get the impression that he shorted the Diamonds in the 90s.

    All in all he seems to give well founded advice, but as we learned from victor Neiderhoffer good runs sometimes end badly.
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    that didn't prevent him from walking around like his shit don't stink and wearing purple ties though.

    P.S. I love purple ties.
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    if I recall, it's a tiny fund (7 figures).
  7. LOL!
    That’s a retail account.
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  9. Probably shorting the whole way up the bull market haha
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