Anyone know if a good Relative Strength screener/rank for stocks?

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    Paid or free. It would be nice to sort by sector.

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    Amibroker can do that. And yes, you can sort columns manually or automatically and much more.
    Example exploration
  4. Re: RSI, I was always partial to IBD. When I compared IBD rsi to others, IBD for some reason was spot on.This was important for me as to when to sell or hold.
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    Chart Mill
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    Nice, thanks!
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    Can you post your code for this?


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    RSI and Relative Strength are not the same indicator. IBD uses Relative Strength while RSI refers to the indicator invented by Welles Wilder.

    Amibroker does support both, RSI and RelStrength as shown by the syntax below.

    RSI (relative strength index)
    RSI( periods = 14 )
    RSIa( array, periods = 14 )

    RelStrength (comparative relative strength)
    RelStrength( "tickername", fixup = 1)
  10. danielc1


    The formula is simple: You need the following variables:
    The average of price change in percentiles for the last..:
    3 month period (A%)
    6 month period (B%)
    9 month period (C%)
    12 month period (D%)

    Then you need to put two times more weight for the A variable.

    40 * A% + 20 * B% + 20 * C% + 20 * D% - 100% = the basis of rank calculation for the relative strength of the stock.

    And then you need a tool to rank al the results from the stock universe against each other and give the best performance a 100% reading and the worst a 0% reading. All this can be done in microsoft excel...
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