Anyone know how to get access to the new Fairx exchange ?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by TheDudeofLife, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. New futures exchange with small contracts.
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    Yeah, Tradovate was just running some ads about FairX on this site a couple of months ago. Here's the link.
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    We will be offering FairX in the next two weeks.

    Products are commission free with much lower exchange fees and currently no data fees.
    They have the micro CL contract and the Nano
    Bloomberg index and few others
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    The Small Exchange contacted me back in March about marketing and I responded with some info. Six weeks later they emailed me back saying they were interested but they couldn't move forward because they were short-staffed. I'm not too sure about that outfit.
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    Thanks for posting Baron.

    Tradovate offers FairX and the cost to trade their contracts is zero. There are no commissions, no exchange fees, and no market data fees, no order routing fees, and no lifetime license. In addition, Tradovate is waving the exchange fees and NFA fees until December 2022. The Bloomberg Large Cap (both a micro and nano version) trades lockstep with the S&P 500 futures, making it very easy to trade. Each tick is $1, and if you make one tick, you keep the full $1. Isn't that refreshing!
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  7. I am thinking the small exchange won't survive and the FAIRX will.

    and the CME will just yawn and buy the fairx one day.which is what i am sure the fairx investors are hoping for.
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    Is this a domestic US company, or is it rather operating from outside the US ?
    How long are they now in business, and why such essential info is missing on their website, or have I maybe overlooked it?
    There is not even an email contact link on their webpage ( or the link posted by @Baron above).
    Hmm. a little bit secretive, and maybe also suspect, IMHO.
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    The page you are referring to is a landing page, not our website, is the website. Registered since 2016 with the NFA. Soon to be FCM with our sister company, ClearX, LLC. It's legit.
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