anyone know how Mish's clients are doing?

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  1. Last year some blogger named Mish ripped on Peter Schiff and other inflationists and exposed some client accounts from Europac to show how badly they are doing.
    Anyone know how Mish's accounts are doing now? I know he had a deflation bias.
    I can't pick stocks for shit but after last years tumble I'm killing it as a Europac customer.
  2. are you back to even yet or do you need this book too?
  3. you don't have to be a europac customer to be "killing it" genius. any and every idiot across the board is up huge cause EVERYTHING moves together. the "everything is one market phenomenon" clearly continues to dominate. schiff is supposed to be the big bad contrarian but his portfolio moves almost identical to the most mainstream people...except on the downside where he seems to be running a 3x brokerage.

    I've said it countless times but I'll say it again: schiff was the biggest beneficiary of the credit bubble that he ranted about endlessly. as soon as the bubble burst he got the worst of it. now as the bubble has been reflating he has been doing well again. the only way schiff will be proven right is if his "decoupling theory" comes true. until then his status as a Massive Cunt remains.
  4. The decoupling happens in Schiff's head only, not in reality.
  5. He was on another show I saw a few weeks ago where he raved about being the only one of 4 economists on thousands who predicted deflation in stead of inflation.

    He called the stockmarket rally bogus, the Euro a shittier currency then the USD and oil should be at 20$ a barrel.
  6. Link?
  7. The quote from being the only economist in the world that foresaw deflation was from his Max Keiser interview which can be found on youtube.

    The other three quotes are from his blog which you read as well so I am sure you are well aware of his points of view on them.

    About the rally he just wrote a piece about a week ago about how the stockmarket has never been any more irrational then today.

    About the Euro is a quote from the summer of 2008 where he explained his bullishness on the $ when comparing Eurozone, Switzerland, Brittain and US fundamentals with the latter coming out on top.

    Escpecially given the status of the far more leveraged (and bankrupt) banking systems abroad.

    'The Swiss Franc? Really? Look at those banks.'

    Switzerland sold (or is planning to sell?) it's UBS stake at a 2 billion $ profit. CHF spiked.

    About the oil worth only 20$ is hyperbole on my part.

    He said late spring of 09 he expected oil to hover between 30$ and 60$ a barrel just as he predicted in the winter of 08.

    Today oil hit 82$.

    Who knows, perhaps he will be vindicated at some point in the future again. I am not pointing any fingers here. WTF do I know.

    (You must forgive me for not having the actual links to the quotes but I have quite the memory when it comes to these subjects as I have a position in currencies, the stockmarktet and commodities myself and I am always on the lookout for people with the best trackrecord.)

  8. I just read them (Faber, Schiff, Shedlock etc.) for entertainment and out of curiosity. I'd never follow some talking head's investment advice or opinion.

    They help you get into a position, but how do you know when to get out when the trade starts going against you? Feels like buy and pray to me.
  9. You previously described Mish's blog as some of the best analysis out there.

    So there is more to it then entertainment I would guess also for you.

    Ofcourse you don't base your investment strategy on their calls and neither do I but you do need information to form your opinion on.