Anyone Know Dennis Erickson?

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  1. He's a coach that's been with numerous college teams as well as 2 NFL teams. Well anyway, he recently broke his contract with Idaho after 1 year to go to Arizona State. Being a University of Arizona alum, as well as someone with taste and a brain, I detest my friend in the athletic dep at UA sent me a link to a marketing video the ASU athletic dep recently spent about $25,000 to make for Dennis Erickson.
    The video can be seen: here

    So knowing how wonderfully creative and brilliant I am, my friend in the athletic dep asked me to do something I did....
    and here it is

    please note that I know almost zero about flash and don't pretend to and this was done from scratch and it didn't cost me $25,000 to make....
  2. he coached Miami to a title years ago...then left in shame and the program in shambles....
  3. Exactly....look at the flash thing I'll def. appreciate it :)
  4. what, no one's got anything to say? :mad: You know it's funny...and well done, so someone tell me so!!!!!!!

  5. It sucked.

    It sucked ...sorry....but who gives a rats ass about Arizona or Idaho ? Football in those two schools is about as significant as Chess league is to Florida!...its like two nerds fighting over a fat ugly the end, does anyone really win???
  6. Well it matters to people who are UA/ASU/Idaho alums....

    And anyway, I was more talking about the skills used to do it.... that's talent right there OK

  7. yeah i guess to the 1000 or so alumni for all three schools combined it matters LMAO!!!

    But your right...if I send you some commentary and material, can you do something like that for me about Zzzzzzzzz???:D :D
  8. You mean 1000 or so alum on this board? Cause that's actually more than I thought :)

    And sure, send me some ideas/commentary and I'll happily do one for him... :)