Anyone know anything about Stark Investments?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by taclander, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Was thinking of applying for a job there and wondering if anyone knows anything other than what is on the website about them?
  2. jsmooth


    If you’re talking about the Hedge Fund headquartered in Milwaukee: Yea their a good fund and i've heard good things from people that work their and people that got some money invested over their. I know they do a lot of recruiting at all the WI universities (UW Milwaukee, Marquette, UW Madison, ect...)...i know a few guys that got internships that lead to full time positions - they were pretty much quant guys. Also, you better hope the market doesn't tank....some guys that got some money invested with them have told me they've gotten hit hard this past year during some of these minor market retracements/crashes - I’m not sure if they got some Carry Trades working or what, but they had some bad months when we were getting some unwinding.
  3. Thank you, yep that's the firm. Interesting, if I do get an interview I may hold off bringing up I heard they were getting I'm definitely not a quant, but I can handle working my way up. Besides maybe the quants aren't all that great since so many didn't seem to build in a function for avoiding getting the companies ass handed to them if the markets took a dump all around them.
    Thanks again