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    I've been at their site checking them out, and it sounds pretty darn good. I was surprised to find only 2 reviews on them here at ET. Does anyone know anything about them, or has anyone used them?
  2. short version - pros =
    has more otcbb/pink routes than anyone else I have found.
    if you are active you can get tix down to 2.95/per

    cons -
    does not allow cancel-replace on order with partial
    does not have AUTO (for otcbb interest), but uses SBSH, which is not the same in many cases. I would gladly pay the dollar or whatever auto charges per trade.
    has an ecn fee schedule which charges fees on all ecn trades equal to or more the max fee they are charged. They do state on their website that active traders may be elig for rebates, BUT liquidity codes are not passed to client as far as I can see.

    I use them for OTCBB/pinkie only, and for that they are the best (routes being the reason) I have found. I do not use them for listed/nasdaq, for the ecn fee reason above.
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